Visitor Centre

Food Nation looks forward to welcoming you and your business partners to our new Visitor Centre.

We will open the doors March 9th 2018. You can follow our progress in our newsletter here.

The Food Nation Visitor Centre will be an inspirational catalyst for developing better products and solutions. Through interactive and physical presentations, you can discover how the Danish food cluster works to maintain and improve levels of food quality and safety, sustainability, organic production and gastronomy – and how this can help take your business to the next level of profitable sustainability.

Find out how the unique Danish work model can contribute to solving the global environmental and resource challenges we all face as the planet’s population reaches a staggering 9 billion hungry people by 2050.

It’s our hope that Food Nation’s Visitor Centre and meeting facilities will become an international hub for collaboration, negotiation and knowledge-sharing between Danish and international stakeholders, organisations and companies – and we look forward to you helping us make that happen. Welcome!